Greyish Blue 2018-19 Germany Goalkeeper Shirt

We would like to introduce the latest greyish blue 2018 Germany Goalkeeper Shirt for footballers who follow the Germany national football team. The designers of the home goalkeeper football shirts took blue as the base color in 2018. In addition to the base color, the greyish blue goalkeeper home shirt is also adorned with white, gold and various pattern. The V-shaped collar is flanked by symbolic three stripes of Adidas on shoulder panels. The front is printed with horizontal greyish blue stripes in various width.

The white logo of Adidas and white emblem of Germany are stitched on right chest and left chest respectively; the FIFA World Champions 2014 crest is printed at the center of chest. The greyish blue is taken as the only color of two spliced sleeves; the top and trim are also displayed with the unique color.

The words “Die Mannschaft” (the team) are printed on the back of the Germany jersey in white; Germany crest is also knitted in the middle of the two words. The goalkeeper shirt could support a football player in intense training for its light-weight fabric and the state-of-the-art technology, which could remove excess perspiration from your body and improve ventilation conditions around your body, leaving you comfortable and cool.

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