Willian Borges da Silva

Willian Borges da Silva, informally Willian, was born in Ribeirão Pires, Brazil on Aug. 9, 1988. Before played as a professional footballer of Chelsea and Brazil national football team, he made great progress in football skills and improved his ability greatly. In 2007, he started his football playing career from Corinthians first team, in which he wear the No. 10 football shirt. He participated in five matches in the first season with senior squad. For unprecedented achievements and strength, he played for many football clubs successively, including Shakhtar Donetsk, Anzhi Makhachkala and Chelsea.

Willian Borges da Silva

Known for quick feet, agility, speed, unprecedented technique, consistency and dynamic energy, he won numerous honors, titles and accolades for club and Brazil national football team. In 2007, he appeared in the 2007 South American Youth Championship against Chile football team for the first time. In addition, Willian participated in a friendly competition for Brazil. In 2013, he won the first international goal in a match against Honduras.

Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Jun. 12, 1992. For prodigious talent on football, he turned to be a profession football player of Brazil, playing for Liverpool and the Brazil national football team. He began play football with his two elder brothers Cristiano and Leandro. For lack of speed and professional skills, he joined in a local academy, where he received formal and systematical training on football.

As his ability increases and progresses, he was selected as a member of the Brazil U15 football. In July 2008, he experienced the first sharp turn of his playing career, promoting to the football player of Italian giants Internationale for €4 million. For outstanding performances and unremitting individual efforts, he began cutting a striking figure among many footballers. In 2009, he played for Vasco in 31 matches and won five goals, becoming a critical footballer of his team. He was taken as the “future of Inter”. I believe that he will grow into a super football star for his talents and efforts.